IOAA 2016 announcements and circulars can be found here.



Academic Information for Contestants

The information below appears in circulars above. However, it is being restated here for the benefit of contestants:


Students have to bring their own writing instruments and geometric instruments like pen, pencil, eraser, ruler, compass, set squares, protractors etc. No writing instruments / geometric instruments will be provided by the organisers.


Pathani Samanta Planetarium in Bhubaneswar city is a 170 seater unidirectional planetarium with Digistar 4 projection system. One component of the observation test will be held inside the planetarium dome.


IOAA 2016 observation examination will involve use of a 150mm f/5 Newtonian reflector telescope on EQ2 mount.

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Computer Based Questions

There will not be any computer based questions in IOAA 2016.


No calculators will be provided by the organisers to the contestants. Each contestant must bring their own calculator. Calculator used by any contestant must adhere to following norms:

  • Calculators should not have a graphing mode.

  • Their display must not have more than three rows for any function like matrix mode.

  • Calculators should not contain equation solver function.

  • Should not have stored physical constants (e.g. gravitational constant) in their inbuilt memory.

It is duty of team leaders to ascertain that calculators used by their team members adhere to these norms. If calculator of any contestant is found to violate these norms, the contestant would not be allowed to use that calculator during the examination. An indicative list of acceptable calculator models is as follows:

Allowed calculators (incomplete list)

  • Casio FX-82 MS / SOLAR / SX Plus
  • Casio FX-95 MS
  • Casio FX-220 Plus
  • Casio FX-350 MS
  • Casio FX-570 MS
  • Canon F-502 G
  • Canon F-715 S / SG
  • Canon F-720i
  • HP 10s+
  • Sharp EL-501 X
  • Sharp EL-503 W
  • Sharp EL-506 X / W
  • Sharp EL-509 X / W
  • Sharp EL-510 RN
  • Sharp EL-520 X / W
  • Sharp EL-531 XH / XG / WH
  • TI-30X IIS / IIB
  • TI-30 eco RS / Xa
  • TI-36X II

Disallowed calculators (incomplete list)

  • Casio FX-82 DE+ / AU+
  • Casio FX-83 GT+
  • Casio FX-96 SG+
  • Casio FX-350 ES+
  • Casio FX-570 ES / ES+
  • Casio FX-991DE+ / MS / ES / ES+ / ID+
  • Sharp EL-W506 X
  • TI-30 XS Multiview